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Black women have the best personalities of all women

A beautiful Black woman deep in thought

“I personally think that WM need to get this stereotype out of their heads because from my experiences BW are very open to IR dating and they love it! I work in a downtown office building and when I’m out and about on my lunch breaks I always see BW checking me out and YES I smile and chat with them even if its only for a few minutes. The stereotype that BW are mean and have attitude is so far from the truth. I have never met a BW who wasn’t engaging, friendly, and personable. BW are beautiful, have a great sense of style & fashion, and they have the best personalities of all women.”

Born one generation too late

A beautiful Black woman deep in thought

“I’m an Asian American male. I dated an African American female. She was perfection! I screwed it up. I can’t really blame my folks, who resisted, because they are first generation and they still have trouble with english. But it’s also a matter of cultural resonance. African Americans are more comfortable in their own skin, Asians are less so due to their confucian training…it can be intimidating. I love Black women, as gorgeous and intelligent as anyone. We were born one generation too late!”

Black women attitudes

Black and beautiful woman

“I’d say that the Black women I know have an air of confidence and seem to have a knack of asserting themselves really well, without making a huge issue of it or creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. I like how if some creep’s being “amusingly” racist or sexist at their expense, they won’t giggle sycophantically like morons. They’ll look the person calmly in the face and call them on what they’re doing. Or they’ll dish back double – and they won’t sneakily disguise it as a “joke” either. They don’t need to, because they’re not afraid to speak directly. I don’t know about attitude…it seems more like simple self respect.”

Some of the most intelligent women

Gorgeous Black woman

“It annoys me that people have this image of Black women that are loud, have broken off hair, are uneducated, etc. The MAJORITY of Black women that I come into contact with on a DAILY basis are not ghetto, but some of the most intelligent women that I’ve met in my life.”

Be yourself and go with your heart

A beautiful Black woman and handsome Asian man interracial couple

“I’ve dated Black women who I definitely wouldn’t say they’re desperate at all. They are very attractive, confident and intelligent. I looked beyond what ignorance and negative stereotypical people say. I respect everyone’s opinion but it’s very much like me to find good in people and prove to myself that the majority doesn’t rule. Black women and Asian men is a great thing. Be yourself and go with your heart.”

The first

A beautiful and happy Black woman

“I’m a White guy out here in Cali. Always heard about how Black women r too difficult to deal with n then I went on a date with the first Black girl I’ve ever been with. And that was a year ago she’s the love of my life n my best friend. Would never had met her if I listened to stereotypes n bullshit from other people. ps most White guys like Black girls just a lil intimidated.”