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Come to Europe

Attractive Black woman with handsome European man

“What it is about Black girls that’s so unattractive? Absolutely nothing ..They are sexy…Come to Europe and you get a lot of interest from White guys ūüôā “

My tremendous respect for Black women

A beautiful Black woman

“I love Black women because they are the most beautiful, sensual, upfront, alluring, sexy women in the world. Unlike some of the rude & obnoxious men on here and those just curious I have only ever dated Black women. They truly know how to treat & satisfy her man and that makes them true Goddesses. I could ramble on in my tremendous respect for Black women, but will allow others space to post.”

Where do I meet Black women?

2 beautiful  Black  women  enjoying  a drink

“Well, ever since I gained a proper desire for women – I have liked Black girls (being White). It is just personal preference that I prefer them more than any other race. But, the problem is that I don’t see as many Black girls when I want too. I live in a city with Black people being the second most popular race but sometimes, I just rarely see them. So how can I pick-up loads of girls when I don’t always see them…”

Seeking a Black woman who likes Asian guys for a date

Attractive Black woman enjoying a drink

“I like Black women. They are gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I’m always seeking a Black woman who likes Asian guys for a date.”

Strong, Black and Hot

BWWM interracial  couple

“What’s that old saying “I like my coffee strong black and hot and my women the same.” ¬†When¬†anyone asks about my wife that’s always my reply, and yes I’m White.”

Black women are unique, strong, and beautiful

Two beautiful Black women

“I’m Sicilian, 1st generation, I grew up in Oakland, CA where there is a predominant African American population, so growing up all my girlfriends were Black, later when I joined the Marines, I had experiences with women of many different races, and I totally agree with you, Black women are unique and strong, and beautiful; I’ve tried dating White women (once) and it just didn’t feel right. If a Black guy wants to date a White girl, good for him….more fine, sexy, sassy, intelligent, sistas for me hahahahaha”

Some of the most intelligent women

Gorgeous Black woman

“It annoys me that people have this image of Black women that are loud, have broken off hair, are uneducated, etc. The MAJORITY of Black women that I come into contact with on a DAILY basis are not ghetto, but some of the most intelligent women that I’ve met in my life.”