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My tremendous respect for Black women

A beautiful Black woman

“I love Black women because they are the most beautiful, sensual, upfront, alluring, sexy women in the world. Unlike some of the rude & obnoxious men on here and those just curious I have only ever dated Black women. They truly know how to treat & satisfy her man and that makes them true Goddesses. I could ramble on in my tremendous respect for Black women, but will allow others space to post.”

The “look”

Attractive Black woman at the bar

“Nobody wants black women” is completely untrue… I am a White man who is in and IR relationship with a Black woman, and I must admit most of the “looks” we get come from Black men. I was even made to feel intimidated once with her at a bar minding our own business, but one thing I remember which was cool was when we were walking around in the mall shopping and getting the “looks” from some people, this older Black woman prolly in her 70s smiled at me… it’s nice to see people coming together.”

She is my world

A gorgeous Jamaican Black woman

“I have the most beautiful, intelligent, sensual, sexy, witty, bright, inspiring and feminine lady in the world. She is my Jamaican Island lady, I love her with all my heart, and oh yea, I guess I should mention I am White and she is Black, and she is my world. To hell with what society may think.”

One thing I absolutely love about Black women

Black women have sexy lips

“Omg, man. That is one thing I absolutely love about Black woman. Those amazing big sensual lips. I mean who doesn’t love that. My girlfriends lips are 3 times bigger than my lips. And I love gently sucking those huge lips with my small German mouth hahaha.”