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Natural hair

A beautiful Black woman with long afro textured hair

“Me personally I adore Black women who walk with their natural hair over those who perm their hair to let it hang down or even worse retro fit their hair with pieces of hair weave. I find attractive when Black women who style their natural hair and have it frills or an afro, it really shows how sexy they are and it’s a huge turn on. Me I’m not a big fan of Black women using hair pieces or perming their hair. From what I noticed Black women who keep their natural hair and style it tend to be very educated, open minded, confident, very sure of themselves, professional, liberal. I see plenty of Black women like this when I venture to lower Manhattan and to some extent even in Harlem and yes plenty of Black women like what I mentioned or what this thread talks about primarily date White men. It does not matter what her skin tone is, but just the fact how the way her hair is styled and natural is a complete turn on.”

To all the Black women across the world

A beautiful Black woman in hair wrap

“I love, admire, adore dark skin Black women, I like their shape, size the way they walk and talk, their intelligence and their beauty, unfortunately, in the western world that beauty is never portrayed in the media. To all the Black women across the world; I LOVE YOU.”

The first time I touched a Black woman

A gorgeous Black woman with soft skin

“First time I touched a Black woman I was pretty suprised by the softness of her skin, do you use some special kind of product, I have been with White and Asian women but none of them are as soft as Black girls.”

I don’t get it

Attractive Black woman & White man

“I don’t get it, people assume since I’m a White guy & I say I like Black girls I should be dating a light skinned Black chick? I’m not hating on anyone in particular but when I say I want a Black girl, I want Black skinned sexiness! I don’t care how wacky it looks of some pale thing next to the total opposite, nice dark skinned girls are sexy as Hell!! I felt a bit betrayed when my jerk friend paired me with a bi-racial White/Black chick on a blind date, that I would like her “exotic” African features but I can connect because she’s also White? Ugh! So annoying! But whatever. Dark skin Black women are one more thing on my list of sexy.”