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Can I honestly say I lived life the way I wanted to?

Black woman White man interracial couple

“I love Black women they don’t get near the credit for their beauty as they should. I knew that I was attracted to a Black woman when I was just a kid, for some reason they liked me to. But growing up I was taught this was not acceptable. One day I realized that all the ppl that were against interracial relationships don’t pay any of my bills and when my time here is up can I honestly say I lived life the way I wanted to? The answer was no I couldn’t. So I said to hell with what everyone else thought, I have been with a Black woman ever since… I’m also now married to a Black woman, yes we get stared at all the time but hey we don’t care it’s our lives those ppl don’t lay down with either one of us. So my advise to all you White men that are afraid of what others will think. (To hell with those ppl) Do you, be happy with yourselves don’t hide who you are because of what others might think or say…ay”

What are you doing with her?

A BW/WM interracial couple

“I am a White man married to a beautiful Black woman. I had the other day a White woman ask me “What are you doing with her?” (Meaning my wife.) My reply to the White woman was: “What do you think a Husband and a WIFE do with each other?” She just stood there for a long time, and then walked off. I walked after this woman who asked the question and told her something to chew on for awhile: “I feel whether this country wants to admit it or not they have not seen how European men of the past history in this country, have put White women on a Pedestal. Well my White sister you have been dethroned, and all women should be there not just you.” That pissed her off more, and I was happy I did tick her off. She had no right asking such a question. Oh and the last I knew White isn’t a race just a color, but Black has been associated with race. Seem’s Europeans have some explaining to do since they have created this dilima, and monopoly on race. Damn Bastardized English Language.”

Don’t let anyone stop you from liking or loving a Black woman

Attractive Black woman White man interracial couple

“Feel free to date a Black woman she will appreciate you being her fiancé and her husband in the future. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from liking or loving a Black woman. As long as you have true love for each other. With God’s love. Nothing or no one will not pull you apart from each other. In time you will see or have a better understand what I am saying to you on here. Stay encourage and be positive. Ignore negativity, rumors and lies with deception. Action speaks louder than words. If you want to get to know a Black woman. By knowing the facts about her you have to spend quality time with Black woman alone. Treat her like a lady by being a true gentleman to her and being faithful in a time of need by comforting her with your arms. Expressing your emotions to her by letting her know you are real with her. It should work on both sides of the fence.”

Nothing wrong with dating outside your race

Affectionate interracial couple

“I am a White man and I am with a Black woman. I think of her as a beautiful woman, not as a Black woman, just a beautiful woman. Nothing wrong with dating outside your race. A man or woman of any race can pick and choose who they are attracted to and be with that person. It’s about attraction. People of all races need to lighten up and be more open to relationships that race isn’t a topic. Color is just too shallow to not get to know possibly the love of your life.”

DO NOT put up with men who don’t appreciate YOU

A Black beauty

“No worries, Black women are beautiful and you gals don’t need to put up with men who don’t appreciate you. Further more Black women are a much bigger catch as a life partner than Black men in my opinion. I am an Asian man, I have nothing against Black men, but it just seem so wrong the way they talk about Black women.”