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That is what makes YOU so beautiful

A beautiful Black woman

“That is so true. I am White and I like Black girls for their exotic natural look. I’d rather be with a Black lady with super short hair than one with fake stuff on. That’s kinda creepy to me. Lol. And why on earth would you relax your hair or bleach your skin? That is what makes you so beautiful. I like you for you. As long as you love to laugh hard and would enjoy cooking together then I am happy.”

Yummy Black women

A beautiful Black woman

“I love Black women, are hot, voluptuous, funny, delicious and pretty, ummmm yummy yummy yummy yummy”

Laughter is the best medicine

Attractive Black woman laughing

“I love Black women, because of their laugh! It comes from the belly! I love those big round eyes and the fact that they live in their bodies. Their skin is like honey coated chocolate! MMMHMM!”