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I can’t get enough

A beautiful Black woman doing yoga

“Why are Black women so sexy, thick, small waist? I’m Latino and I have to say I can’t get enough of Black Females!! I notice the ones that are beautiful and healthy(work out) I like it. It’s not always that you find a chick who doesn’t talk about herself constantly like all the Latinas do. I’m just totally into Black, Caribbean, Jamaican, I can talk for hours with these Island Beauties. Who’s wit me AGREE??”

She is my world

A gorgeous Jamaican Black woman

“I have the most beautiful, intelligent, sensual, sexy, witty, bright, inspiring and feminine lady in the world. She is my Jamaican Island lady, I love her with all my heart, and oh yea, I guess I should mention I am White and she is Black, and she is my world. To hell with what society may think.”