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Some of the most beautiful women in the world

A beautiful Black woman

“I am not really sure who you have been talking to. I am also not sure what women you have been looking at. All I know is that Black, African, West Indian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They do not look like dolls that can be played with and handled carelessly they look like powerful, sensual, don’t mess with me beauty’s. There is a real difference between a doll and the real thing. You obviously have never been intimate with a Black woman or really looked closely at her eyes, her, breast and thighs. You obviously have not kissed a Black woman or rubbed her wooly, kinky, curly hair or you would know… she is the original woman not a toy replica.”


Amazing women to me!

A beautiful Black woman

“I am a White guy and let me tell you that Black women are totally gorgeous! Exotic and fun loving and very passionate! And if they are fuller figured they are so darn curvey! Amazing women to me!”

What I like about Black women

A beautiful Black woman

“This video tells the truth, me personally I really like the curves, smooth skin and especially the natural hair of Black women. And what comes to personality, I really like the temperament of Black women.”

I found myself gravitating to the Black girls

A beautiful Black woman

“In school, although in Dublin, I found myself gravitating to the Black girl(s), and I don’t know how or why it happened. I guess I was just curious, why they never got the attention from Black guys, as those were more interested in the Irish girls, or other White nationalities. It would always be easier to talk to Black girls, have a laugh, and it feel a bit more real. I guess because they don’t have a chip on their shoulder, and have been left open and vulnerable through society pushing White female beauty on Black guys, leaving Black women by the wayside. Oh what do I know anyway, I’m just rambling now, gonna get people telling me I don’t know shit. Oh and these were all first generation African immigrants in my school btw, the girls are and were extremely friendly.”