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I’m not afraid to let anyone know

White man Black woman interracial couple

“I’m Irish and I love me some Black women.. I’m not afraid to let anyone know.”

Do Black women find Asian men attractive?

Black woman with Asian man

“I’m 100% Asian and I always wondered if Black women could find a Asian man attractive”

Just love them all

Smiling Black woman

“Yo Ima Mongolian male and I like these all chocolate ladies. Just love them all”

Best quality women on Earth

Young beautiful Black woman sitting at a picnic table

“Nice blog. I am White man from Poland and I love Black Women. I think they are best quality women on earth.”

Cute and friendly

Gorgeous natural hair Black woman

“I always find attractive to Black girls. They are so cute and seems really friendly ^^ although hardly have a chance to meet them up in Japan.”

I only date Black women

Attractive BWAM couple

“I guess I am in a category of my own. I’m conservative and quiet (far from being urban) however, I only date Black women.”

I love Black women

Beautiful young Black woman

“I’m an Asian man, and I love Black women. I don’t have a fetish or anything, but, generally speaking, they seem to be the most receptive to me flirting with them and whatnot.”