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I find Black women maddeningly attractive

Beautiful Black woman smiling

It’s something about them that drives me crazy.
“Yes, I am an Indian who has never left India. And NO, my opinion is not based on Black women I see in movies or television. I spent 3 years in Goa, and I came across so many gorgeous Black women. (“Gorgeous” here doesn’t mean “slim” or “shapely”. I refer to the whole personality.) Shape and size really doesn’t matter. In fact, speaking on a strictly physical level, I think many Black women have large butts in proportion to their bodies. And that’s REALLY hot!!! But like I said, that’s not the only reason I find Black women maddeningly attractive. It’s something. Something I can’t put my finger on.”

Black women are beautiful QUEENS

A beautiful Black woman with long afro textured hair

“I am a White male and just love a Black woman. A Black women doesn’t put in 100%. If you treat her right and don’t lie or cheat she will put in 1000% and love you and do right by you forever as long as you do the same. She is a beautiful QUEEN who deserves to be put on a pedestal and pampered to death and I love em 🙂 as long as you give her the same love and respect as you want in return no matter Black or White she will fight side by side with you forever. She will love you forever. Give her her respect as a beautiful sexy female and cherish her and see how she responds.”

The “look”

Attractive Black woman at the bar

“Nobody wants black women” is completely untrue… I am a White man who is in and IR relationship with a Black woman, and I must admit most of the “looks” we get come from Black men. I was even made to feel intimidated once with her at a bar minding our own business, but one thing I remember which was cool was when we were walking around in the mall shopping and getting the “looks” from some people, this older Black woman prolly in her 70s smiled at me… it’s nice to see people coming together.”

She is my world

A gorgeous Jamaican Black woman

“I have the most beautiful, intelligent, sensual, sexy, witty, bright, inspiring and feminine lady in the world. She is my Jamaican Island lady, I love her with all my heart, and oh yea, I guess I should mention I am White and she is Black, and she is my world. To hell with what society may think.”