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When it comes to Black women

Beautiful Black woman with natural hair

“Yes I love Black women. They are so beautiful !! I’m a White man and I’m from East Europe, very rough part of Europe, but when it comes to Black women, my heart starts to beat so fast, hands get sweaty and the best part is I enjoy this feeling, Black woman to me is the most beautiful women in the world, there is just something about them, beautiful skin color, brown eyes, curly hair mmm love them !!”

Black women are just simply amazing females

Beautiful & natural Black woman

“I have dated only a few Black and beautiful beyond words, women. In our relationship, we had an undeniable bond and understanding. I find Black women to be more supportive and caring. They have a passion that is seen upon their faces and yes, those amazing curves and that beautiful skin tone, sets my heart ablaze. I find that they speak their minds openly and express what is actually felt, not what seems to be okay for the moment. I love that. The confidence and beauty, WOW! I cannot say anymore, just, WOW. Amazing women, and I hope one day that everyone can see what I have been taught, Black women are just simply amazing females with a joy for life and family.”

The reply

A beautiful Black woman with curves

“Your not alone. I’m a White male, and I agree 100%. The difference between a Black woman’s body and White woman’s is considerable. It is like night and day! My heart rate goes up when I see all the beautiful Black women in this country. Black women are very shapely by nature while White women are flat, both in the front and the back. As you have probably already noticed by now, you could iron your clothes on a White woman’s butt. Enjoy yourself here in America, and enjoy the beauty of Black women. They are becoming the standard of beauty everywhere.”

The question

A beautiful Black woman with curves

Why do the Black women in America have such sexy bodies?
“I am new to America but I have found that the Black women have most amazing body. I am Hispanic and I like women with curves, round butt, hips. The Latinas here have what I like to some extent but Black woman is amazing. They have it all. White women seem to lack a nice body, I don’t know why. They have cute face but nothing else and seem plain to me. I don’t know why Black women have such amazing curves… I am speechless sometimes. Do they work out alot…. I don’t know… you must be born with a body like that.”

Would I? Yes I would!

Two beautiful black women on the beach

“Every race has beauty. As an Asian man I think Black girls are stereotyped and badly misunderstood. Do I like Black girls? Hell yeah I do. Out of all the girls out there Black girls have the most cutest voices and best lady curves and this is coming from a top notch looking American born Asian. Would I marry a Black girl?? Yes I would.”