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Dark skin: Alluring, Beautiful, Desirable

Beautiful dark skin Black woman

“When I was a very young boy, my parents were involved in the civil rights movement. Because of this, most of the White kids were not allowed to play with me, so I played with the Black kids. My first little girlfriends were Black, one little girl in particular was very pretty and very dark. Over the years, I did date some White girls, but I always seemed to gravitate back to my beautiful Black girls. It’s more than a physical attraction, I have found most Black women to be more loyal, less whiny, more practical and easier to get along with. A Black girl will work along side of you, as long as you’re working too and will make a better partner than most White girls because White girls want a man to take care of them, but a Black girl is willing to make it a 50/50 effort. My three children are mixed and I’m married to a beautiful dark Black woman. I’m saddened and angered that many people (including some Black folks who should know better) consider dark skin to be undesirable. I think thatĀ attitudes are starting to change finally, and that the obvious beauty of Black women is starting to be recognized more and more. The sexy curves, full lips, sensual smooth dark skin and high cheekbones of Black women are very alluring to this White boy.”


Black women look good without makeup

Image of a beautiful Black woman

“Speaking of physical differences, I am actually an Asian man that has a preference for Black women. Here is what I (generally) find physically attractive about them. Black girls…-look good without makeup. This is like the biggest thing; it’s always shocking how much more attractive White and especially Asian women can look with the right makeup. If all girls looked as they do when waking up (without makeup), I think more people would see the beauty in Black women. It’s nice when your woman looks good all the time, not just with her makeup on. -have big beautiful lips -have beautiful eyes -are curvy and thick. I’m not a fan of skinny girls. I don’t like belly fat and I’m not a chubby chaser, I just like fat in the right places. -have proportionally longer legs -have beautiful skin tone (I like dark skin)I hope this helps.”

We don’t know how to approach Black women

Beautiful Black woman

“So not true, many White men (including myself) find you Black women very attractive. All lot of White men just don’t know how to approach Black women or we have been told that Black women hate White men with a passion so we tend to avoid them at all cost, but deep inside we think Black women are very attractive and have great personalities. I have dated several Black ladies and they were the best dating experiences I have ever had period.”

Checking Black women out at the check out

Gorgeous Black women shopping

“Way off buddy! I go to Walmart just to check out Black chicks, but too bad for me they don’t need an Asian guy in their lives. >_<“

My preference

Beautiful Black woman being embraced by a handsome Asian man

“I am an Asian man from Brooklyn, NY and have been dating Black women all my life. That is my preference. It’s become such a non-factor in my life because all my friends and family are so used to it they never give it a second thought, nor I. So when I see how uncommon it is in other parts of America, I forget that it’s not an everyday occurrence. Well, I’m glad that you and some other Black ladies are speaking out on it and saying positive things.”

Haters, Saboteurs, and Cock Blockers

Attractive Black woman

“More White guys like Black girls than you realize. It’s the people around White guys that holds them back. If a White guy says he likes a Black girl or is attracted to cute Black girls, White girls ridicule him for it. Even other stupid White guys will ridicule him for it. That’s my experience anyway. Anyway, trust me. We want you! ;)”

Laughter is the best medicine

Attractive Black woman laughing

“I love Black women, because of their laugh! It comes from the belly! I love those big round eyes and the fact that they live in their bodies. Their skin is like honey coated chocolate! MMMHMM!”