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Are Black British girls interested in dating White men?

A beautiful Black Woman

“Are Black (specifically) British girls interested in dating White men?
I don’t mean are they specifically looking for or hunting for White men to date- I mean would they be interested in dating a White guy if the right one came along, or do they favour Black men?”

He’s only saying what a lot of us have known for a long time

A very hot and beautiful Black woman

“I see nothing wrong with what J**** M**** said. I as a light-skinned Hispanic male know he’s only saying what a lot of us have known for a long time. I also think Black women are absolutely gorgeous. It has nothing to do with that nonsense “fetishizing” which is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. If Black men don’t like the fact that other men of other races are starting to say loudly and proudly that they prefer Black women then fuck them. Black women are winning right now and Black men feel left out is the bottom line.”


A beautiful Black woman

“My wife and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary today. So, I think that it is safe to say that I have a little experience on the subject of interracial relationships and marriage. Respect is the foundation of any successful marriage. Romance cannot sustain any union…Ladies, only join with a partner who respects you and wants to share with you, not just take from you. A husband will cherish, protect, and support his wife if he respects her. He will be faithful and patient if he respects her.”

Gorgeous and down to earth

A beautiful Black woman

“I’m Mexican and I love African American women. They are gorgeous, and from my experience many of them have been down to earth.”

I found myself gravitating to the Black girls

A beautiful Black woman

“In school, although in Dublin, I found myself gravitating to the Black girl(s), and I don’t know how or why it happened. I guess I was just curious, why they never got the attention from Black guys, as those were more interested in the Irish girls, or other White nationalities. It would always be easier to talk to Black girls, have a laugh, and it feel a bit more real. I guess because they don’t have a chip on their shoulder, and have been left open and vulnerable through society pushing White female beauty on Black guys, leaving Black women by the wayside. Oh what do I know anyway, I’m just rambling now, gonna get people telling me I don’t know shit. Oh and these were all first generation African immigrants in my school btw, the girls are and were extremely friendly.”