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You’re never too old to find love

Older  interracial couple

“I met a Black lady on line 2 years ago. We were married 6 months ago. She moved from the Seattle Wa. area to my area a town of 3,000 people. She is a queen my family members love her as well as my friends. We are both senior citizens and are living our retirements having a good time. I just wished we met several years ago. But things happen for a reason.”

Black women are beautiful QUEENS

A beautiful Black woman with long afro textured hair

“I am a White male and just love a Black woman. A Black women doesn’t put in 100%. If you treat her right and don’t lie or cheat she will put in 1000% and love you and do right by you forever as long as you do the same. She is a beautiful QUEEN who deserves to be put on a pedestal and pampered to death and I love em 🙂 as long as you give her the same love and respect as you want in return no matter Black or White she will fight side by side with you forever. She will love you forever. Give her her respect as a beautiful sexy female and cherish her and see how she responds.”