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I wanted more

A young Black woman graduating

“No lie I’m a shy guy my self I’m Korean and I luv Black girls shit, I luv em more then Asian girls and yeah there was this Black girl in my class, my sophmore year (I’m a senior in high school) nd I had a crush on her and I haven’t talked to her ever since, and then she approched me on our senior year and u kno we talked nd now wer like best friends 4 ever. I wanted more but she said shes doesn’t want to be in a relationship rite now. nd yeah were like “going out” but not really”

Cute and friendly

Gorgeous natural hair Black woman

“I always find attractive to Black girls. They are so cute and seems really friendly ^^ although hardly have a chance to meet them up in Japan.”

Come to Europe

Attractive Black woman with handsome European man

“What it is about Black girls that’s so unattractive? Absolutely nothing ..They are sexy…Come to Europe and you get a lot of interest from White guys 🙂 “

I love Black women

Beautiful young Black woman

“I’m an Asian man, and I love Black women. I don’t have a fetish or anything, but, generally speaking, they seem to be the most receptive to me flirting with them and whatnot.”

When a White guy thinks about asking Black women out

White man approaching a beautiful Black woman

“I’m a White guy from Saskatchewan, I have a couple of questions for you, and info that I hope is useful that you can use for your book.
1. Are African American women attracted to Canadian White guys?
2. (I’m not a hair puller) Why do Black women always assume that?
I can confirm that what you said about us being afraid is true. As a White guy, convincing yourself that you are good enough for Black women is a really hard thing to do. We have to prove to ourselves to be 0% Confederate, all of our blood lines have to be out of the South from 1619 to 1865. We have to be at least 5’10 tall, our body fat level has to be 15% or less, no crooked, dead or missing teeth. Have a good job or be rich and we have to be good looking.
Black lades: When a White guy thinks about asking you out his mind always goes into overdrive and he imagines every single negative reaction you could possibly have, from “No!” to “Hell No I’m not dating a White boy!” in one of these you take a knife out of your handbag and he loses everything from the neck up. One example of this is when I went to Washington D.C. for my 3rd trip to America. (I tolled myself that I had my fear under control) While I was at the Martin Luther King Memorial an African American grabbed my attention, when I tried to approach her my entire body froze up and I could not move.”