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Dark skinned women are extremely lovely

A beautiful  Black  woman  rocking  an afro

Black Women Are Beautiful
“I think that all Black women are gorgeous. Dark skinned women are extremely lovely, and I don’t mean in an exotic way. They are every bit as gorgeous as light skinned women, White women, Hispanic women, Asian women, etc. I agree that they have been cruely targeted by our societies’ standard of female beauty as not being as attractive as other women. I just don’t get that nor do I see it (Nor am I willing to fall into that false perception and belief). It is a travesty that young Black girls grow up feeling less beautiful than other girls. It is so wrong because there is no reason for that. It is so untrue. I understand that for years and years the epitome of feminine beauty has always been the White, blonde barbie doll. And they are pretty women. But that DOES NOT mean that dark skinned Black women are not just as beautiful or even MORE beautiful. In my opinion, one would be hard pressed to find a woman more naturally lovely than Jennifer Hudson (and I mean pre-weight watchers). I love Black women with the afro centric features, especially very dark skinned girls. I also love their hair when it worn naturally. I think they are just adorable. VERY VERY GORGEOUS !!”



I don’t get it

Attractive Black woman & White man

“I don’t get it, people assume since I’m a White guy & I say I like Black girls I should be dating a light skinned Black chick? I’m not hating on anyone in particular but when I say I want a Black girl, I want Black skinned sexiness! I don’t care how wacky it looks of some pale thing next to the total opposite, nice dark skinned girls are sexy as Hell!! I felt a bit betrayed when my jerk friend paired me with a bi-racial White/Black chick on a blind date, that I would like her “exotic” African features but I can connect because she’s also White? Ugh! So annoying! But whatever. Dark skin Black women are one more thing on my list of sexy.”