Scare Tactics: They won’t marry you!! They’re just going to use you for sex!! Married to a Black woman WMBW edition Part 1

Beautiful Black bride

1. “I love Black women. I have dated Black women, and I am married to a very beautiful dark Black woman.”
2. “My wife is Black and I’m White, and we run into ignorant people on occasion, also. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who just don’t get that we love each other and don’t care what they think. But that’s their problem, not ours. 🙂 “
3. “Married to my Ebony Queen for 17yrs. no one ever has ever challenged my choice of Wife, because I gave of a vibe of “Don’t F with me” (What my Wife says anyway) The only challenges received came only from My Mother. LOL. No one else ever dared to say anything to my face. I am not having that!!!!!!!!!!!”
4. “I see my wife’s different colour as one of the many things I love about her. Seeing her dark chocolate fingers In my pale one’s always puts a smile on my face and it my heart.”
5. “I am with you +marleygirl I am a White guy married to a Black woman and our whole families get along with each other.”
6. “Oh yea I forgot I am White and MARRIED my Black wife.”
7. “This is me and my wife.  I’m not with her because she is Black.  I am with her because I love her.  Love is color blind.  I have been with White, Black, Hispanic, etc.  You name it.  I think that the reason why some of us gravitate towards certain cultures is due to our upbringing.  I feel more home among her family than I do families of others I have been with.  Our personalities match better than any of the other relationships I have been in.  I love this woman….till death do us apart!”
8. “I am a White man and me consider Black women so beautiful, thats why I am married with my Black princess, I love my Black beautiful wife”
9. “I am White Irish/English (so I was told) and my wife is Black. I have dated many races and yet married a Black woman. Love has no Boundaries and racism is just fear and ignorance. I have had more negative attitudes from Black men then anyone concerning our relationship though.”

2 thoughts on “Scare Tactics: They won’t marry you!! They’re just going to use you for sex!! Married to a Black woman WMBW edition Part 1

  1. I for one have been told on a few occasions that White men in particular don’t necessarily like or think we’re charming, and they’re using us as African American women, but they would like to know what it’d be like to sleep with an African American woman though. I’ve also heard Black men also say that a White man couldn’t possibly understand the struggle that a Black woman better than a Black man has so why does she need to be with him or why should she even entertain the idea of being with him. I understand the argument and can sympathize with it totally…however, I think a beautiful and seductive African American woman should ultimately be with the person who respects her, puts her needs above his own, and lavishes her with comfort, support, and understanding. She deserves someone who will cherish her, cherish being with her, and will be here bestest friend…


  2. I have heard this mantra before and it reallocate has to do with trying to convince a black woman that she’s not being loyal or faithful to the Black community. Black men have often used this argument to try to ensure that black women are weary about and even doubt about the possibility of being physical and/or lovemaking with non Black men. It’s a sure way to doubt a relationship. Black women really have to decide for themselves that that’s what they want from a man who wants them. Non Black men have the right if they assert it to be in a physical relationship with a black woman and no one should be trying to deter him from that especially if both of them want to take things to that level..


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