What do African American ladies think of White European men?

A beautiful Black woman

1. “What do African American ladies think of White European men? Would you date a European?
I’m curious as to how women of color, and in particular African American women, view White European men. Would you be open to dating White men from European countries? Why or why not? What, if anything, attracts you to White European men?”
2. “Do Black American women like White European men and what do Black American women think of them, like do they have any stereotypes about them or something like that?”
3. “How do African-American/Black women feel about Nordic (European) men?
Hi, I’m a Nordic man with light features (blue eyes, blond hair), and I wonder how you ladies of colour in the US view someone like me. I find a lot of Black girls/women physically attractive. I like curves and I like the skin. I also think afros look nice on many girls.
I’ve known some African-American girls and they seemed nice.”

5 thoughts on “What do African American ladies think of White European men?

  1. Hello Everyone;

    I came across From Their Own Lips recently, and I think it’s great. In the wake of Kanazawa comments and stereotypical portrayals on TV, it is so refreshing to see men from all over the world who acknowledge and appreciate Black beauty. This college-educated, bi-lingual Black Woman thanks you all for your support!

    I was particularly interested in the most recent post from Nordic Men wondering whether or not Black Women were attracted to them. So, if I may I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. Here goes:

    1.) What do African American Ladies Think of European Men? Would you date a European?
    YES, YES, yes, I think European Men are ultra intriguing, and yes, I would totally date a European man. No disrespect to my Non-Black American men, but I’m from The South, and I’ve never been out the USA before. I find it refreshing to meet European men who see me as an attractive woman, and have little to no political stereotypes about women like me. My main attraction to European men, (or any Non-Black man, for that matter) is that he is mature, secure and cosmopolitan enough to take an interest in me. His mind is not full of harsh stereotypes about Black American women. He has never been told that our union is inherently wrong or evil.
    I appreciate how beautiful Black Women have already paved a way in Europe. European men know and are delighted at how alluring, talented, sexy, intelligent, and contending Black women are. Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, and Nichelle Nichols are some of my favorite Classical Black Beauties. They embody beauty, brains, and political activism. Artistic Blacks often found refuge in Europe as the USA had treated them so badly.
    I like tall men with sharp features (I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall, which is average height for a woman in the USA). I know most any European (or American) Man can be tall with keen facial features.

    2.) Yes, White European Men are attractive, cute, sexy, alluring, exotic, interesting and YES I LIKE them. Stereotypes I had about European Guys are:

    -European Men ARE NOT attracted to Black (American) Women. Period. Their ideal woman is a woman from their own country who embodies all the good qualities of one’s country: beauty, grace, Motherhood, domestic, obedient, and patriotic.

    -While European Men prefer a woman of their own country who will answer his every whim, he secretly craves White American Women, the global “standard of beauty”.

    -European Men have fewer hang-ups about Sex. Therein European Men are less likely to fall in love with, commit to, marry, and be monogamous to one woman, let alone a Black (American) Woman. Which brings me to my next stereotype…

    -European Men are “players”. Black (American) Women tourists are often mistaken as prostitutes by pushy (sometimes drunk) men. Historically, a common stereotype in the USA has been that Black Women are only good for sex. I feared that this shallow, offensive myth is exported to other countries.

    -Southern European Men (dark hair, darker skin, dark eyes) MIGHT date a Black Woman, but Scandinavian Men (light hair, light skin, light-colored eyes) have ZERO interest in Black Women.

    -Scandinavian Men are really, really tall.

    -European Men are convinced that all Black Women are everything you see in American Rap videos (sex objects, “easy”, bad attitudes, “gold diggers”, fake hair, nails, etc).

    3.) While that was a long list of mostly negative stereotypes about European Men, here is what my brief exposure to European Men has taught me:
    -European Men are “ballsy” (that’s a American way of saying someone is Brave). I attended Middle School (American grades 6-8) with an English guy. Whenever we had School dances, he ONLY danced with Black Girls; Black Girls were knew all the latest moves, rarely tired, and were friendliest on the “dance floor” ( basketball court/gymnasium). You should have seen the looks that the White girls gave us. But he didn’t care. He was having too good a time dancing.

    -European Men appreciate Beauty in all its forms, and they have for a long time. They see a (Black) Woman they like and they go for it. The Classical Greeks and Renaissance Italians and English called it “a love of beautiful things”. I went to High School (10th grade year) with a German Exchange Student. First off, he was SUPER HOT: lean build, with curly blond jaw-length hair, and emerald eyes. The only girl he dated was a light-skinned Black Girl. He was nice, funny, and easy-going.

    -European Men know that White American Women ARE NOT the standard of Beauty. My understanding is that French Men have no qualms about dating Black Women. I’m learning that Northern European Men are attracted to Black Women too. Forgive me, I’m from the South, and I’ve never been outside of the USA before. So, I was quite surprised that Scandinavian, Nordic men would be interested in an (albeit gorgeous) opposite like Black (American) Women.

    -Blonde hair and Blue eyes are sexy/intriguing. I used to be wary of dating blonde and blue-eyed men because I figured he would want a similar-looking (White) Woman. Also, I wondered genetically, how our children would look (I have brown eyes, but my family carries green, hazel, and brown eye genes). This site has taught me that Opposites REALLY do attract. I’m into Danish drama series (Borgen, The Eagle, Unit One). Mid-40s Jens Albinus (The Eagle) and late 20s David Owe are good-looking blondes. In the 50s+ Category I like Mikael Persbrandt. State-Side my favorite Blondes are: Robert Redford, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Walker, and Paul Newman.

    -Accents! Accents! Accents! European Guys have amazing accents: baritone, husky, and melodic. Whether a language is Germanic or Romantic, Slavic, you-name-it, I enjoy hearing European men talk. They could read the phone book, for all I care! Some of my Favs: Mads Mikkelson (Danish), Mikael Persbrandt (Swedish), Erlend Oye (Norwegian), Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Naveen Andrews, Lennie James (English), Eros Ramazzotti, Andrea Bocelli (Italian), Arsenie Todiras, Dan Balan (Maldovan), Christoph Waltz, Till Linndemann, Christoph Schneider, Falco (In his song, “Jeanny” he talks most of the lyrics)(German), Serge Gainsboroug (French), Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem (Spanish), and Bela Lugosi (Hungarian). The list goes on and on…

    -I’d look forward to visiting a European Man’s homeland. It wouldn’t matter to me if we cuddled by the hearth during a Polar Night or revel in the streets during Carnival. My hope is, and I’m confident that, as a European Man is experiencing me and my culture, that I am a student to him and his culture as well.

    And that’s my two cents. I’m so sorry for writing a book, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Y’all Take Care!


  2. I think if you’re a decent man who knows how to treat a lady, you’re reasonably attractive, intelligent and fun to be with, then yes, most black women would like you and date you. The rest would depend on chemistry 😉


  3. White euro men are more open, they don’t have to deal with hang ups like some white American men. Also, Eastern euros are the most open… they don’t share the same distasteful history of slavery as the others, that is my take on the situation.


  4. I am a black woman of Caribbean descent who does like Euro white males, especially western Euro. The one thing I wish they were a bit more different than their American counterparts about is being more open to larger women such as myself.

    I do tend to find the Euros I’ve met, more open and less hung up on race. I wish there were better ways for me to meet and communicate with more of them.

    To correct a misconception seen on some sites that I have visited, it is incorrect to think that some European countries were not involved in the slave trade. Many were but I believe (and I am not sure of this because it’s a long time since I’ve visited my history books) many countries did leave the slave trade behind long before the Americans and British did.

    We must also remember that many European countries also were imperialist powers throughout the world especially in Africa. That being said, I don’t know why Americans still seem to have this more overwhelming disdain for those of African descent more so than many continental Europeans. I think because slavery was more physically prevalent and longer lasting on the American continent than the European one the rift between the races was further embedded in the culture.

    Would love to know if any Europeans (and anyone else) may agree.


  5. Diana, I so agree with you. Alot of the progression of ANY relationship has to do with the chemistry. (Or a lack there-of) Personally, I have never never dated outside my race, but that’s not to say I can’t or wont. I have thought about it and now that I am single willing to give it a chance. To find a decent guy of any kind, with similar interests and likes minus the games and drama is a challenge in itself.


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