Where are the Black women hiding at?!

A beautiful Black woman

1. “Black Woman are so beautiful and sexy I just wish I could find a honey like that.”
2. “I am single and looking for my lovely African American beauty queen”
3. “Any Black women looking for a Latino man?”
4. “I’m a White guy looken for ma boo! šŸ™‚ “
5. “True love wish I could find mine”
6. “Where are these Black girls at??? I love them, but I never seem to find any interested in White dudes lol.”
7. “I wish I could find a Black girl that likes Mexicans”
8. “Tell me about it where the sistas at in Bronx, NYC. I love Black girls, them sexy brownies. I’m Mexican American born in Manhattan, NY and raised in the Bronx”
9. “haha I didn’t know Black women actually liked Asian guys. Where are all of u at? cus there are none around the greater Chicago area”
10. “Weres the sistas in Chicago?”
11. “An alternative Black chick that likes metal? Damn can you hook us up? Lol”
“Where are these Black chicks hiding?!”
12. “Why can’t I find one? :/

3 thoughts on “Where are the Black women hiding at?!

  1. Awww, Thank you gentlemen. It’s so nice to know that we’re told that we are lovely but at the same time valued.


  2. Asian men that are attracted to Black women are as elusive as the Saskatchewan Red Beaked Honeypepper Bird. Especially in Georgia. At any rate, if there is one out there that grabs my attention, then I will seize the opportunity.


  3. Thank you all so much. I love all non black men. All of you men are sooo hot White, Asian, Latino/Spanish, Middle eastern, Indian, Biracial mixed etc…All of you non black men are extremely handsome. Thanks for the love…


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