Ladies don’t believe people who try to tell you that you’re not wanted or attractive

A beautiful Black woman

“Ladies, The commenter called “kitty” is just an angry Black guy who is being a troll. Ladies don’t believe him. I am White guy with an athletic build. I like to work out and stay in shape. My buddies (who are also White), and I are attracted to African American women with darker complexions. There is just something about a darker complexion that is so beautiful, and I love the contrast with my skin. Black women that have rich brown complexions have a natural warm glow to their skin that White and lighter complexed women bake in the sun or go to the tanning bed to try to get. The admin on here should block kitty and other trolls like him. Ladies don’t believe people who try to tell you that you’re not wanted or attractive. All of theses Black men that spew hate are just mad and jealous because the White guys are realizing the beauty, strength, and intelligence that Black women possess, and they are afraid they won’t have educated Black women who are successful to pay their bills etc. for them while they sit around and do nothing. They will be stuck with the ghetto women who are just as broke as they are. Black women are beautiful, and White men everywhere are beginning to notice you. I hear White guys talk about how beautiful Black women are all the time. It’s not a sexual thing or a fetish either. Black men will make you a “baby mamma” White men will make you their wife.”

4 thoughts on “Ladies don’t believe people who try to tell you that you’re not wanted or attractive

  1. I really like this statement that was made, I feel good about being open to being with a White man. I’m getting to the point of wanting to be romantic with someone and I am ready. I’ll like being able to have someone to talk to about anything and enjoy their company. It makes me feel good knowing that White men aren’t shy about wanting a Black woman’s attention. I am honest when I wonder what his intentions are. I have definitely been told that I shouldn’t be dating a White man or have much to do with them because they will use you and hurt you badly, especially by black men and other people. I really don’t care if he has blue eyes or not, as long as he’s respectful, takes the time to make me feel safe around him and I can feel comfortable with him that’s what matters most.


  2. I have definitely heard this argument too, however, there’s merit to this gentleman’s counter argument: “Only a Black Man Can Understand the Struggles of a Black Woman”–Does he have a vagina? No? Then no he can’t. Only women fully know what it’s like to get paid less for doing the same job as a man, for being denied a promotion because of gender, and for the constant barrage of “be more sexual” the media flashes at them while at the same time holding out puritan scorn for “whores” who do embrace their sexuality. Too often in America it has sort of been white men, white women, and black people just lumped together with no distinction to gender. And that’s false. Even though African American women in the 60’s identified much more with the civil rights movement than the feminist movement, that’s beginning to change, and should be. By all accounts black women are surpassing black men economically and intellectually, earning more degrees and then more money which makes them feel like “traitors” or as if they’re “leaving black men” behind, and a lot of other guilt that feels oddly outdated post sexual revolution. I think black women’s gender and sexuality have never been properly claimed as individual of black men’s (like I hit on in point 5) and it’s past time that changed. In 2008, only 10 percent of America admitted to having a problem with a black president. Way too high, BUT nearly 25 percent said they had a problem with a woman president like Hillary. In America, gender trumps race, whether we realize it or not.



  3. awesome post!!
    I’m really endeared by all the wonderful things stated here, about women like myself (black).
    Trully endeared


    • I’m very endeared by the wonderful words expressed for Black women especially dark skin Black women such as myself also. I’m glad that my Sistas and I are getting the much needed and wanted affection, and it warms my heart to see it with my own eyes personally. To be perfectly honest, it really makes me feel excited about the prospect of attracting a potential romantic partner and a passionate lover for myself soon. All I have to do is get some flawless makeup, professional hair care, and some designer perfume and I’ll be more than ready.


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