Do Black women find Spanish guys attractive?

A young beautiful Black woman

“Do Black women find Spanish guys attractive?
I’m a Spanish man and I find Black women extremely sexy. I recently moved from Spain to the States not that long ago and I see a lot of attractive Black women but have second thought on approaching them because I hear so many aren’t open to dating other races of men. Most of them are into Black men but I see a lot of Black men with other races of women mostly White American women. Why are Black men more open to dating out than Black women? I really find their curves and darker skin and attitude attractive but don’t know if most would be into a guy like me. I really want a Black queen 🙂 lol.”

2 thoughts on “Do Black women find Spanish guys attractive?

  1. Hmmm….I am a Black American woman who is open to dating interracially. I know many Black American women aren’t open to the idea of dating interracially but there are some out there such as myself who are. Sometimes, I feel that non Black men wouldn’t be interested in me because I see most of them with women in their own race. So you aren’t the only one with the same problem. However I do think you will find your Black queen if you look harder.


  2. Sir, just keep trying to strike up conversations with the ones you are attracted to. I think sometimes we will question your intent and be afraid to delve into an interracial relationship, but keep trying. Just be sure to approach with respect as I hope you do with women of your own ethnicity.


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