Do Black women like Hispanic men (Mexican-American)?

A beautiful Black woman

“Do Black women like Hispanic men (Mexican-American)? So I’m just wondering, I think Black women are beautiful. By Mexican I don’t mean the 5’4 little dudes from Mexico, I’m talking us Chicano men.. Black women please answer on this one, and if you do what is it that you find attractive about us”

7 thoughts on “Do Black women like Hispanic men (Mexican-American)?

  1. I have always been attracted to Hispanic men. But it seems that they think a black woman is good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to take home to their families. Or they will look at me, but not say anything. I just assume they don’t like black women.


    • I apologize for the way some of my brother’s have made you feel. But I you are will to give us another chance to make it up to you. Your friend jayvair
      What do you say?

      ***Note from Moderator: Robert (jayvair) I didn’t show your email because 1. I have no idea who you are 2. What’s your intentions

      This is a safe space for Black women.
      Mimi this person left this reply to your comment. He left his email address for you. If you want his contact info send me a message.***


  2. Always dated Mexican men.They are the best at everything.Most black women feel like Mexican men don’t find them attractive. My experience was different because mexican men always approached me.Always have mad love for them.


  3. Extremely attracted to Hispanic men. I want and need one for myself. I notice many look at me and say nothing, and it might be because they are taken, and then others boldly state their interests. I wonder if its just for sex or if they genuinely want to get to know who I am. I have dated a couple Hispanic men. What I love about Hispanic men, is there manliness, not to be confused with machismo, but there is an air of confidence about you, bushy dark eyebrows, great smiles, stunning features, and how beautiful I feel when I am in your presence. The accents, the language I am ready to learn, and the sensual side I see. I love it!


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