I just wanted to know from a Black woman’s perspective

Black woman Asian man interracial couple

“Do Black women like Asian men?
I’ve been wondering this for a while. I’ve been told that Black women think Asian guys are weak. I’m Japanese/Korean so I just wanted to know from a Black woman’s perspective.”
“Update : @ anti cyrus – My last girlfriend was a blonde hair blue eyed chick (we were together for about 3 months), and she treated me like crap. When we were alone she would be like ‘I love you’ and in front of people she would act like we didn’t even know each other. I’m kind of done with White girls. I know not all of them are like that, but it really just made me feel worthless. I’ve always that Black women where beautiful. I’ve been kind of afraid to approach them, but I know that they are really loyal and care about family. I find that very attractive. I guess I just want a few tips on how to approach them without being offensive.”

3 thoughts on “I just wanted to know from a Black woman’s perspective

  1. Dear Asian Man…the only black woman you shoyld ve afraid to approach is one who is ghetto. Yes, I am a black woman, and I completely adore Asian men. But my advice to you is that you make her laugh and be a gentleman. So, get her attention by opening a door for her or some nice gesture like that. Also, if you are not a funny or naturally charismatic person, then try something corny but sweet that will put a smile on her face.

    If an Asian man walked up to me and said hello I would be surprised. They are shy or invisible because there are none here. And it could just be that she wouldn’t expect it, but I doubt she would be a jerk if you just said hi.


  2. I am a black women. If you see a black woman you like, just approach her and be yourself. We find other races attractive too.


  3. Hi I am a black woman & to answer to ur question..yes we are attractive to asian guys. Sistas just want to be treated nice no matter the color. I myself did’nt think asian guys were into black girls, I see now I was wrong. I we get treated like a queen, there’s nothing she won’t do for her king… in any color.


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