What’s the deal?

A beautiful Black woman reading a book

Do Black girls like Hispanic men?
“Interracial dating is more common, but I hardly see a Black girl with a Hispanic guy. I myself am looking for one. I would like a girl’s opinion about this. What’s the deal? Do you ladies like us Hispanic guys? To make things clear, many Hispanic guys take a second look at a cute Black girl that walks by except that most of us think that they wouldn’t give us the time of day. Come on Black ladies give us some feedback”

2 thoughts on “What’s the deal?

  1. Of course We as Black women are willing to go on dates and possibly a relationship with a Hispanic man even if he’s Puerto Rican or Columbian or even Dominican. My suggestion is that the key for dating a pretty and foxy Black woman is that you always keep everything honest and that you don’t try to be something that you’re not. Treat us as if we’re your 1st priority and that you value a Black woman. Don’t ever fetish and talk down to her, treat her with comfort and support, you’ll find that’s mostly what Black women want and really need, that will definitely get you in the door.


  2. Many black women find hispanic men attractive. You guys just need to approach us. Many of us feel the same way you do. Just be yourself and approach us in a respectful way. If you get turned down, don’t take it personally. Just keep trying until you meet the right one.


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