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Me dating or marrying a Black woman is not bringing dishonor to the family

A gorgeous Black woman

“I’m an Asian man and I love Black women. I LOVE THEM!!! Asian men need to stop being cowards and start dating these beauties. I married my Black girlfriend. My wife is the best thing thats ever happened to me. We had alot of oppositions and issues from my side of the family. Mostly my mom and sisters…BTW both of my sisters are in interracial relationships. One with a White guy and the other with a Black one. Ain’t that some bullshit?! Asian families need to let their sons grow up and be men. Let them live THEIR lives. It’s MY choice. Me dating or marrying a Black woman is not bringing dishonor to the family. You being a hypocrite and a racist is.”

Don’t let anyone stop you from liking or loving a Black woman

Attractive Black woman White man interracial couple

“Feel free to date a Black woman she will appreciate you being her fiancé and her husband in the future. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from liking or loving a Black woman. As long as you have true love for each other. With God’s love. Nothing or no one will not pull you apart from each other. In time you will see or have a better understand what I am saying to you on here. Stay encourage and be positive. Ignore negativity, rumors and lies with deception. Action speaks louder than words. If you want to get to know a Black woman. By knowing the facts about her you have to spend quality time with Black woman alone. Treat her like a lady by being a true gentleman to her and being faithful in a time of need by comforting her with your arms. Expressing your emotions to her by letting her know you are real with her. It should work on both sides of the fence.”