Archive | 10/13/2014

I am really fascinated by Black women

White man Black woman interracial couple

“Since I can think of I am really fascinated by Black women. Here in Germany, I grew up in a region with not so many Black women, and I don’t really am attracted to the local White women there. From very early on I decided that I will have a Black wife day. Not only that I really want to have mixed babies, I just adore the way of walking and the body language. Black women just have an amazing grace by doing anything. It’s hard to describe. I wish so much to find a serious, honest and reliable woman to marry and to have a big family with.”

Where do I meet Black women?

2 beautiful  Black  women  enjoying  a drink

“Well, ever since I gained a proper desire for women – I have liked Black girls (being White). It is just personal preference that I prefer them more than any other race. But, the problem is that I don’t see as many Black girls when I want too. I live in a city with Black people being the second most popular race but sometimes, I just rarely see them. So how can I pick-up loads of girls when I don’t always see them…”