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Black women attitudes

Black and beautiful woman

“I’d say that the Black women I know have an air of confidence and seem to have a knack of asserting themselves really well, without making a huge issue of it or creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. I like how if some creep’s being “amusingly” racist or sexist at their expense, they won’t giggle sycophantically like morons. They’ll look the person calmly in the face and call them on what they’re doing. Or they’ll dish back double – and they won’t sneakily disguise it as a “joke” either. They don’t need to, because they’re not afraid to speak directly. I don’t know about attitude…it seems more like simple self respect.”

Black women are unique, strong, and beautiful

Two beautiful Black women

“I’m Sicilian, 1st generation, I grew up in Oakland, CA where there is a predominant African American population, so growing up all my girlfriends were Black, later when I joined the Marines, I had experiences with women of many different races, and I totally agree with you, Black women are unique and strong, and beautiful; I’ve tried dating White women (once) and it just didn’t feel right. If a Black guy wants to date a White girl, good for him….more fine, sexy, sassy, intelligent, sistas for me hahahahaha”