Archive | 10/04/2014

Black women look good without makeup

Image of a beautiful Black woman

“Speaking of physical differences, I am actually an Asian man that has a preference for Black women. Here is what I (generally) find physically attractive about them. Black girls…-look good without makeup. This is like the biggest thing; it’s always shocking how much more attractive White and especially Asian women can look with the right makeup. If all girls looked as they do when waking up (without makeup), I think more people would see the beauty in Black women. It’s nice when your woman looks good all the time, not just with her makeup on. -have big beautiful lips -have beautiful eyes -are curvy and thick. I’m not a fan of skinny girls. I don’t like belly fat and I’m not a chubby chaser, I just like fat in the right places. -have proportionally longer legs -have beautiful skin tone (I like dark skin)I hope this helps.”

We don’t know how to approach Black women

Beautiful Black woman

“So not true, many White men (including myself) find you Black women very attractive. All lot of White men just don’t know how to approach Black women or we have been told that Black women hate White men with a passion so we tend to avoid them at all cost, but deep inside we think Black women are very attractive and have great personalities. I have dated several Black ladies and they were the best dating experiences I have ever had period.”

Checking Black women out at the check out

Gorgeous Black women shopping

“Way off buddy! I go to Walmart just to check out Black chicks, but too bad for me they don’t need an Asian guy in their lives. >_<“