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My preference

Beautiful Black woman being embraced by a handsome Asian man

“I am an Asian man from Brooklyn, NY and have been dating Black women all my life. That is my preference. It’s become such a non-factor in my life because all my friends and family are so used to it they never give it a second thought, nor I. So when I see how uncommon it is in other parts of America, I forget that it’s not an everyday occurrence. Well, I’m glad that you and some other Black ladies are speaking out on it and saying positive things.”


Haters, Saboteurs, and Cock Blockers

Attractive Black woman

“More White guys like Black girls than you realize. It’s the people around White guys that holds them back. If a White guy says he likes a Black girl or is attracted to cute Black girls, White girls ridicule him for it. Even other stupid White guys will ridicule him for it. That’s my experience anyway. Anyway, trust me. We want you! ;)”