Archive | 09/27/2014

The TRUE BEAUTY of Black women

A beautiful Black woman wearing a creative hairstyle

“Yeah, I think that the natural look is sooooo sexy. I love the way it accents a Black woman’s face. Plus, I have seen Black women be so creative with how they do their hair that I find that extremely attractive. (And I am not even a hairdresser !!!). I just LOVE Black women and how naturally Beautiful they are. I have always felt this way ever since I was a teen (and honey that was a long time ago). I think men of all ethnicities are FINALLY waking up and learning to see the True Beauty of Black women. This is your time !!”

Black women put yourself and your happiness first

A gorgeous dark skin Black woman with a handsome White man

“I’m White and my GF is Black we’ve been seeing each other for 3 months never been happier! She’s an awesome lady both of our families support us 100% it’s funny how the people that are always calling people racists are the real haters it’s ok for a Black man to date White women, Asian ect.. so why the double standard? If a Black woman won’t consider dating a White man she’s selling herself short White men love Black women how do you know that that’s not the person for you? Put yourself and your happiness first not what the hypocrites and haters think and follow your heart.

I noticed her looking at me and smiling

A beautiful smiling Black woman

“I met my wife (Blackgirl) because I noticed her looking at me and smiling. But I wouldn’t have had the courage to go out and target a Blackgirls. Why? My experience is, I have been caught looking at Blackgirls (Because I love them) and they’ve squeezed their lips in disapproval.”