Archive | 09/26/2014

One thing I absolutely love about Black women

Black women have sexy lips

“Omg, man. That is one thing I absolutely love about Black woman. Those amazing big sensual lips. I mean who doesn’t love that. My girlfriends lips are 3 times bigger than my lips. And I love gently sucking those huge lips with my small German mouth hahaha.”

I love dark skinned African women

gorgeous dark skinned Black woman

“I love African women but their families don’t like Chinese guys. African women are also very close to their parents and having similar interests of marrying another fellow African. So it’s a lose lose situation on both ends. I like my African women dark, I mean dark dark, shiny purple brown dark. Mocha doesn’t do it for me. I’ve asked out 4 African women out on dates and I was always firmly rejected. I mean, I’m no Shaka Zulu but I wish Africans would give Asians a break because we love u!”

A queen among women

A beautiful Black woman wearing hair ornament

“I’ve always been attracted to Black women, but in my young and stupid days I paid them no mind. Why? Because they were far and above my immature level of thinking. In my mind they were too wonderful, too beautiful, and truthfully – too smart for my brand of immaturity. The other women, they were fair game for a young and irresponsible man. Clearly, I’ve always had a love for Black women. I don’t know about other men, but if they don’t look at you/treat you as a queen among women then they’re not worth your time.”