Archive | 09/23/2014

A beautiful gift

A gorgeous Black woman

“Black women do not, and I repeat DO NOT get the appreciation, love or support that they truly deserve. Aside from the fact that Black women are most beautiful of all females, they are very intelligent. Being a White male, I have dated and worked with many Black women over the years and eventually I am drawn to them and we establish relationships at various levels. The point is that I love being around Black women. They are confident, independent and again very intelligent. Unfortunately, in our society the Black woman does not get the credit she deserves and usually gets the blunt of societies punishment. No other woman on Earth could survive under the conditions that many Black women find themselves. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Black women are God’s gift to this world and he struck perfection when he created the Black woman. “

If you’re not attracted to them

Beautiful Black Woman

“Honestly, for those people who think Black women are ugly are the ones who can’t get them in the first place. If you’re not attracted to them, then why do you talk shit about them? Whenever race plays a roll in these clips, it brings out the worst trolls imaginable. Tell me trolls, would you say these things in front of anyone’s face other than your own skin colour?”