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Hola guapo

A very attractive Black woman

“I am a Mexican guy who like Black women. I say more Dark Skin Black Women need to get a Mexican guy. Black guys get Mexican girls all the time. So women get a Mexican guy for a change. It will turn him on if you can call him handsome in Spanish”

The first

A beautiful and happy Black woman

“I’m a White guy out here in Cali. Always heard about how Black women r too difficult to deal with n then I went on a date with the first Black girl I’ve ever been with. And that was a year ago she’s the love of my life n my best friend. Would never had met her if I listened to stereotypes n bullshit from other people. ps most White guys like Black girls just a lil intimidated.”

Love them, Respect them, and ultimately Marry them

A beautiful Black bride embracing her handsome White groom on their wedding day

“White guys need to do better than just date Black women. We need to love them, respect them and ultimately marry them. A woman’s race should not be an excuse for men to be dishonorable. Statistically marriages with a White man and Black women are 44% more likely to be successful and last beyond 10 years.”

The “look”

Attractive Black woman at the bar

“Nobody wants black women” is completely untrue… I am a White man who is in and IR relationship with a Black woman, and I must admit most of the “looks” we get come from Black men. I was even made to feel intimidated once with her at a bar minding our own business, but one thing I remember which was cool was when we were walking around in the mall shopping and getting the “looks” from some people, this older Black woman prolly in her 70s smiled at me… it’s nice to see people coming together.”

The first time I touched a Black woman

A gorgeous Black woman with soft skin

“First time I touched a Black woman I was pretty suprised by the softness of her skin, do you use some special kind of product, I have been with White and Asian women but none of them are as soft as Black girls.”

I could listen to them talk all day long

A beautiful Black woman singing in a microphone

“Black women have beautiful voices too, and not just when they are singing. I could listen to them talk all day long. A White guy with an amazing Black girlfriend.”

She is my world

A gorgeous Jamaican Black woman

“I have the most beautiful, intelligent, sensual, sexy, witty, bright, inspiring and feminine lady in the world. She is my Jamaican Island lady, I love her with all my heart, and oh yea, I guess I should mention I am White and she is Black, and she is my world. To hell with what society may think.”